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Dinogenics Board Game: 1st Edition French / English Upgrade Kit

NHGDINO01UPFR Dinogenics Board Game: 1st Edition French / English Upgrade Kit  published by

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Upgrade your first printing copy of DinoGenics to include updated cards and visitor board. This upgrade pack includes all game-play updates introduced with the 2nd printing of DinoGenics.
First Printing Upgrade Kit Changes Include
+ Rulebook: The rulebook is reformatted to include additional clarifications and examples.
+ Visitor Board: Pre-Season has been removed in favor of labeling the Seasons 1 - 7.
+ Manipulation Card: DNA Splice - The DNA Splice card now requires discarding one additional DNA card to create a dinosaur.
+ Manipulation Card: Merchandise - The Merchandise Card now gives two additional credits by default. The optional use now gives opponents three credits instead of two.
+ Facility Tile: The DNA Archive price is now reduced and requires unique species of dinosaur DNA cards in the boneyard to score points.
+ Optional Stickers: Stickers to cover a typo on the main board.
Note: These changes come standard with all new copies of DinoGenics.

Price: 9.99